Summer Is a Time to Recharge

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Why is summer break so important? Because teaching is tough and exhausting. Throw in a physical disability like Charcot Marie-Tooth, and it is even more challenging.

People often ask why I do not work over the summer. When my son was younger, it did not pay to work; my salary would have just gone to childcare. Now I do not work over the summer because teaching wears me down. It is a job that drains me physically, emotionally, and often affects my social life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the kids. However, a teacher is not just a teacher; we are social workers, nurses, and sometimes the only constant person in the life of a student. The stress of the job can be overwhelming at times. The demands put on us are often greater than we can deal with. These demands would exhaust anyone, but add in a disability, and the impact is even greater.

The physical and emotional demands are the reasons I take the summer to recharge my body and mind. I look forward to being able to rest when needed. I listen to my body and take naps as needed. It is important to let my body recover. I also read and spend time with my son. We take day trips and relax by the pool or on the couch. Thankfully, my son is OK with watching movies and napping now and then.

Summer is the perfect time for me to focus on myself. To recharge my mind, I read and scrapbook. I enjoy scrapbooking, but I never seem to have the time or energy during the school year. This summer, my goal is to finish the album I started two years ago. I also spend time reading books that I do not have the energy to finish the rest of the year. I also try to make new and healthier recipes. This summer, I plan to try to get into a routine of exercising. The hope is if I am not so exhausted from teaching, I can go to the gym. Then I hope to continue the habit into the school year.

The physical and emotional demands of teaching are why I take the summer to recharge and listen to the needs of my body. When living with a physical disability, I am learning to take the time I need. I look forward to not setting my alarm and having to rush out the door in the mornings.

How do you recharge your body and mind?


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