On My Own Two by Young Lee

light, being present, exercise, grandmother, wariness

Young is a writer with CMT 1A living in Cary, North Carolina. He graduated from NC State University in 2013 with degrees in economics and international studies. After working for a few years in finance, Lee decided to shift his attention toward writing and library studies. Although Lee first learned he had CMT at a very young age, he didn’t participate much in the CMT community until 2018, when his friend and fellow BioNews writer, Kevin Schaefer, encouraged him to explore and learn more about this very important aspect of his life.

Be Patient With Me, I’m a Slow Walker

When I was in college, Facebook groups and communities with names like “I want to punch slow walkers in the head” or “Slow walkers deserve to be kicked” were pretty trendy. Several of my friends joined such groups and proudly displayed their memberships…

I’m on the Hunt for a New Pastime to Keep Me Active

When a batter hits a baseball in just the right way, the impact makes a sound that’s pretty darn satisfying. It’s the distinctive “crack” that many folks think of when they think about their favorite baseball highlights. It’s the sound associated with evenings in packed stadiums, cold beer,…